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[Jun 20th 2014] Exhibition
Roskilde Festival - Art Zone

Welcome to Art Zone - 6,400 square meters of art

A huge maze, a candy-striped landscape and structures rising high up in the sky. Art Zone is this year’s art venture at the festival area. Situated between Avalon and Orange Stage, Art Zone offers up street art, architecture, gaming activities, performance art and light installations.

Two kilometers of scaffolding, 21 art projects, 75 volunteers and 150 artists are the ingredients for Roskilde Festival’s art program. This year, a 6,400 square meter large area is reserved for the arts, and Art Zone welcomes everyone to an engaging, participating and reflecting experience and a space for festival goers and art aficionados alike.

This year, the art at Roskilde Festival is gathered in one place. Art Zone only contains projects curated exclusively for the festival, and a wide range of well-established and up and coming international and Danish artists have come together in creating projects that evolve around themes central to the festival – those of transformation, participation and repetition.

A dynamic installation by Maria Legaard Kjeldsen and Reffelt//Brøgger can change shape and act as a mediator for the interaction of the audience and as a stage, a three meter tall piece of furniture known as The Furniture of Meals by Christine Overvad and Augusta Sørensen serves secret courses for the audience to guess through the furniture drawers.

In the Performance Sense Laboratory an expressive dialogue will take place in four parallel universes created to activate the festival audience through interactive and engaging performances by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Savage Amusement, Sisters Hope and Katalin Halasz. And look out for pop-up performances throughout the week from the group Kurato who perform photo hacks and create art in a new digital environment.

Or how about taking part in computer games that you act out in real life? Die Gute Fabrik brings a music-driven game with a little bit of Bach music on the side, Wolfmans also bring rhythm to the table with a game, where you have to match the patterns on screen by pushing arcade buttons. And last but not least you can compete to win in a jungle of hanging lights in a game by Douglas Wilson, Thomas Perl, Adam Henriksson and David Kanaga.

Art Zone will be illuminated by light. Come experience the fascinating 3D light projections on the high structures by Marcos Zotes, who has also created light installations you can enter into physically in collaboration with UngtLys. The light artists from Hackstage will make sure that the art in Art Zone come to life and change appearance, when darkness falls.

And don’t forget to enter the colorful maze by street artist Maser. Maser has also graced the entire Art Zone with his bold visual identity and painted all the surfaces according to his artistic vision. And make sure you catch the world premiere of Gif-iti by the street artist INSA - download an App and see graffiti art come to life in front of your eyes!

There is also room for talk in Art Zone. From journalistic singles to live magazines, Zetland has innovated journalism, and now the four journalists have their own stage in Art Zone, where they interview musicians from this year’s music program as well as artists from Art Zone.

Art Zone 2014 is a place for curiosity, imagination, creativity and co-creation with art work that create engaging, merging and changing experiences. We hope to see you there!