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[Dec 5th 2012] VIDEO
The Topography Project

Topography is a project that uses dance, projections, film and music to explore global and personal landscapes of body, thought, space, and time. It implements the use of an exciting new body-mapping, projection technology, and has been a true collaboration of effort and love. 'Topography' is a term used in map making. Often Topographies are detailed descriptions, drawings and 3D representations of the physical features of a place or region, especially in the form of contour maps. Topography, the film, seeks to explore this idea with the landscape of the human body. Much like navigating terrain, the body and the physical perimeters of the space alternately take on the function of map and means, path and pathos, guide and guided.
"The map is not the territory" -Gregory Bateson

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Coco Karol / Director, Choreographer, Dancer
is endlessly fascinated by the different modes, means, and mediums of communication and transformation. She has made collaboration with artists and musicians who speak in entirely different and vast artistic vocabularies, the focus of her choreography and performance work.
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Marcos Zotes / Projections
is an architect and Director of UNSTABLE, a design and research laboratory that explores the social and political aspects of architecture in relation to the urban context. Through the use of technology, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and citizen participation his interventions
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Ryan Lott / Music
grew up studying music, and earned a Bachelor of Music at Indiana University. Ryan's debut recording, At War With Walls and Mazes, created under the moniker Son Lux, earned him the title of "Best New Artist" by NPR's All Songs Considered. In 2011 he followed up this release with We
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Luke Gutgsell / Dancer
was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky where he began his early movement training in gymnastics. In 2004, he graduated from The Ohio State University with a BFA in Dance Performance. Luke also attended the Naropa Institute. Upon his arrival in New York City in 2004, he trained
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Soren Nielsen / Editor
is an editor and motion graphics artist as well as a Co-Founder of BitLux Media—a production company specializing in experiential installations. He has worked on projects for the likes of Henri Bendel, Michael Moore, and the Famous Grousse, and this experience paired with an extensive
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Joseph Victorine / Director of Photography
Joseph Victorine (Director of Photography) inherited an obsession with the moving image in high school from his cinephile father, and went on to study art and film theory at Vassar College, then expanded his expertise through film technology courses at NYU. Over the past decade, Joe
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Azmi Mert Erdem / Film, Documentation
Azmi Mert Erdem is a Turkish filmmaker and a video artist who was born in Turkey and currently resides in New York City. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television with honors from Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey. He continued his education in the One Year
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